Why are you doing this?

It’s a fair question though, interestingly enough, I don’t recall a Veteran ever asking. The journey has been a bit arduous with “the system” sometimes appearing determined to make the journey as difficult as possible. For us, however, there really are many answers.

First, the obvious part of the answer is that it’s a dangerous world. It’s hard not to realize that there are people in our world who very much want to see us “gone” and dedicated people who stand between us and them. We want to focus on those dedicated defenders because their efforts often stay with them and their families for a lifetime while for others life just goes on. It’s important to say “thanks”.

Second, there is a popular media obsession with “famous for being famous”. You can probably name half a dozen of them without any effort at all, but have you ever heard of Rick Rescorla? Had he not acted at the World Trade Center the death toll would have been almost double. Somebody please enlighten me how some celebrity’s 7th divorce gets more attention than a hero who saved two thousand seven hundred lives? I can’t wrap my head around that, so we are making our small effort to set those priorities straight.

Third, we’re all insignificant cogs in a giant machine —— or are we? Consider Gail Halvorsen: With one small act of kindness during the Berlin Airlift he completely changed the course of international relations for the better. He saw, he acted, the world changed. Enough said.

Finally, we appreciate fine wine. ‘Tis better to have a little superb wine than a lot of mediocre wine. We knew superb wines could be offered without stratospheric prices, so we set out to combine our passions and build something we can believe in.

That’s “why”.

Over time you will find a lot of books recommended here, so I’ll start with this one: “The Candy Bombers” by Andrei Cherny.